City Manager

The City of Abilene operates under the council-manager form of government. Under this system, with approval of city council, the mayor appoints a city manager who acts as the chief executive officer of the government. In the chief executive capacity, the city manager works with the city council, city department directors, and city staff to develop and implement policies guiding the city. This general function may take a number of forms including coordination of daily operations and long range development of the city; preparation of the annual budget; development and implementation of personnel regulations, financial and administrative policies; and other actions as required by the mayor and city council or Code of Ordinances.

The city attorney, municipal court judge, and city secretary are also appointed by the mayor with approval of council. All other officials and department heads are hired by and responsible to the city manager. The city manager's office staff includes two assistant city managers, an executive secretary, and a community information coordinator.

Robert Hanna
City Manager
(325) 676-6206
Fax (325) 676-6229


Mindy Patterson
Deputy City Manager
(325) 676-6326 

Michael Rice
Assistant City Manager
(325) 676-6386